Navigation Rules of the Road

Approval Language:  RULES OF THE ROAD

Any applicant who has successfully completed your 17-hour Rules of the Road course with a passing grade of at least 90% and presenting your Certificate of Training will EITHER satisfy the Rules of the Road Examination requirements for original issuance or renewal of any deck license up to Master 200 Gross Registered Tons, Master or Mate of Fishing Vessels, and Apprentice Mate (Steersman); OR receive 5 days sea service credit towards any deck license up to Master 200 gross register tons, or Master or Mate of Fishing Vessel. This sea service credit may not exceed limits specified by law and may not be used to satisfy any recency requirements or requirements for service on specific routes or types of vessels.

USCG Approved:  Navigation Rules of the Road Course

  • Course Attendance: 90% required
  • Testing: All testing is completed at Alaska Waters Consulting. Testing with the Coast Guard is not required.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion (attendance and passing required exams), you will receive a Certificate of Training valid for one year from the date thereon. This certificate is submitted to a USCG Regional Exam Center along with a completed USCG Application.

Tuition is $295 for this Alaska Waters Course and includes student handbook, instruction, exams, and assistance with USCG Application. Reduced rates for the Coast Guard Physical and NIDA 5 Drug testing are available for Alaska Waters students. Books and tools can be purchased if desired. Career consulting is included with no additional charge.


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