USCG Approved Master 200 Ton Upgrade Course

The Masters 200 Tons license is endorsed with an Inland or Near Coastal route limitation based on the bodies of water where you have obtained your sea experience. Inland will allow you to operate inside the Boundary Line (46CFR Part 7) with freight or paying passengers, Near Coastal allows you to operate up to 200 miles from shore with freight or paying passengers. Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Resurrection Bay, Chiniak Bay and Raspberry Straits and the Inside Passage of SE Alaska are all designated Inland waters by the U.S. Coast Guard  (46 CFR Part 7).

Service Requirements:  46CFR10.426 

The minimum service required to qualify an applicant for a license as master of near coastal steam or motor vessels of not more than 200 gross tons is:

  1. Two years total service on ocean or near coastal waters. Service on Great Lakes and inland waters may substitute for up to one year of the required service.   One year of the required service must have been as a master, mate, or equivalent supervisory position while holding a license as master, as mate, or as operator of uninspected passenger vessels; or,
  2. One year of total service as licensed master or mate of towing vessels on oceans or near-coastal routes. Completion of a limited examination is also required.


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